Why Should You Invest In Yoga Teacher Training In Bali?

Are you looking for yoga courses? Of course, you are, and that is why you have landed here. Yoga is an immersive experience, which can help you to transform your mundane life. But, there is just one decision that you need to take. That is, the right school for training. With so many schools advertising day in and day out, you could be confused. But that is quite evident, given the competition. You can just close your eyes and join the Yoga Teacher Training in Bali. There are multiple reasons, why we say this. 

Is it worth the investment? Yes, of course, it is. If you are looking for real transformation, then Bali is the place to be. Moreover, you must go for yoga teacher training, as it is a formalized training that will take you places. Investing in yoga teacher training is a huge thing, so it is quite apt that you must decide on the right school and teachers. 

Invest In Yourself 

By signing up for the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali you will be investing in yourself. It can provide you with numerous benefits, like personal and professional ones. A yoga teacher training is much more than just learning how to do several asanas. Yoga can deeply impact you mentally, physically, and emotionally. Moreover, you may experience growth and exploration. And, after you complete the training, you can share the divine knowledge with the others. 

But Why Bali? Is There No Other Place For Yoga Training?

One of the main reasons, why you should choose Bali, is that the island is hospitable and friendly. Foreigners are welcome on the island. The Balinese are known the world over for their friendly demeanour. In addition to the friendly culture, Bali is rich in culture and traditions. You will also come across several healing and spiritual practices. Spirituality is ingrained in the psyche of Balinese people. Moreover you can comfortably travel to the place. It is also quite easy to arrange your travel, and organize transport and hotels as well. Additionally, you may just settle for the yoga retreats, if spirituality is on your mind. 

Let us know about more details, regarding why investing in Bali for the course is apt. 

  • Immersive Experience – It is one of the first reason, why you can invest in the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali. You will get an immersive experience that focuses on training and deeply spiritual journey. The training sessions typical consist of asana practice, lectures, workshops, and chanting sessions. You will learn in-depth about the yoga subject. 
  • Best Teacher Training Courses – You can choose from the best yoga teacher trainings in Bali. There are courses for all levels. So, if you are a beginner, you can go for the 200 hours training. On the other hand, you can also join the courses at intermediate level. Moreover, all those who have completed their courses earlier can also join the retreat courses or refresher courses. The quality of training is simply great, being governed by Yoga Alliance. You will get training from certified yoga instructors. 
  • Meet Great People – Another reason, why you must head to Bali for your yoga teacher training, is the like-minded people there. There will be students from other nations as well. And, each one of you will have one thing in mind, yoga. You will be able to develop a closely knit family. Some students form lifelong friendships with the others, and stay in touch for ever. So, that is one great plus point of the course. 
  • Weather and Food – The weather and the food together offer another great combination to learners. There is something for every budget in Bali, and that makes it more enticing. Bali has a tropical climate with warm temperatures across the year. You will also come across diverse cuisines, depending on the zone you are in. There will be lots of vegetarians as well. You can gorge on Sattvic food at the school itself. 
  • Cost Factor – This is another reason, why you should invest in a yoga teacher training in Bali. The courses are affordable, so you can also get lots of financial freedom. If you do the same courses in any of the western countries, you have to shell out more. Students who are enjoying their vacation in Bali, can also opt for the courses in Bali, due to this very same reason. 

What Will You Learn In The TTC In Bali?

The course covers a wide range of topics, where the most obvious ones are Hatha yoga, Ashtanga-Vinyasa yoga, Pranayama, meditation, bandhas, mudras, Shatkarma kriyas, mantra chanting. You will be learning all of the same under the guidance of learned teachers. The teachers are well-experienced and have been practicing yoga for a long time. You will get a proper understanding of the concepts and ideas surrounding yoga. The 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali offers a life-changing experience to the students and learners. 

In the theoretical part, you will learn about yoga anatomy, physiology, philosophy, background of yoga, and much more. Alignments and variations are also an important part of the course structure. 


Bali Yoga Retreats is one of the best registered yoga schools in the region. The school follows a standardized syllabus, covering all the important aspects of yoga. You will get a Yoga Alliance completion certificate after you complete the yoga course. Moreover, your name also gets registered on their site. Schools from across the globe may look up your names in the directory and call you for job opportunities. The best knowledge and experience awaits you in Bali. Along with the yogic subjects, you will also learn about karma yoga. It is about serving the society, and the school has many programs associated with it. So, you can engage in it as well. The school offers a great learning environment in Bali. Additionally, you will get volunteering opportunities in Bali schools. You can also start community service and gain more experience. 

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